Lotus Notes 8.5b2 on Ubuntu Intrepid

Today i have upgraded my notebook from hardy to intrepid (ubuntu) … all is ok , and Lotus Notes run very well ( how with 8.04 ). Only 1 thing , the font on workspace of database icon don’t dislay!


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  1. Ciao VIto,
    i’ve installed my Ubuntu 8.04 too, and about best performace and font problems, i’ve disabled 3d effects.In any case, is my personal opinion, IBM must do more for Lotus Notes installed on Linux Platform. Now the 8.5 Beta2 is stable and very fast…but more about interface could be revised.

  2. i also think that ibm should do more for support linux ( for example i need quickr connector for linux ) , but i think that ibm is in the right way

  3. Hi Vito
    I have the same problem as you, no workspace font appearing. Did you find a solution? I have found none, though I searched the whole www.

  4. at the moment i didn’t find anything…i have changed the properties of my client notes but without results

    If I discover something so immediately post

  5. have the same problem also

  6. The problem is solved for me. Unfortunately I do not know exactly what is the reason why it works now. Since I did not have the fonts, I closed the workspace and tried to create a custom home page, but I saw that I does not fit my needs, so I hit the button to restore as from start and then to give me the defaults. I reopened the workspace and – tata! – fonts on workspace tabs and database icons appeared!

  7. i’m downloading Lotus Notes 8.5 … and i try it !

  8. i have upgraded from beta to official release but … there is not font on workspace !!!


  9. Solved, the solution is switch of id and fun

  10. Still no fix for this? The only work around I have found is switch ids and then back and every thing seems to work until next time I launch the application.


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